Advantages of buying a twin house for sale in New Cairo

twin house for sale in New Cairo

Are you trying to find a quiet, friendly community that you can consider your home? Is a large property with privacy, security, and natural surroundings what you have in mind? Khaled Sabry Developments is the best place to satisfy your dreams If you’re searching for a twin house for sale in New Cairo.

Khaled Sabry Developments offers a twin house surrounded by beautiful scenery where you may unplug, practice, meditation, and organize an enjoyable barbecue party whenever you want.

In addition, you can take advantage of a community that supports your lifestyle and feels safe. Convenient amenities that support sustainable living allow you to adopt a more peaceful and productive lifestyle.

Why Choose a Twin House for Sale in New Cairo

A twin house is essentially two standalone residences separated by a common wall and fence and sharing a single plot of land.

Every twin house has its own private garden, which is usually accessed from the side of the building.

The gardens in the unusual twin house designs are bigger and have more angles that receive direct sunlight. The lack of many nearby neighbors is another feature that sets the twin house apart and gives it additional advantages for those who seek a twin house for sale in New Cairo.

Pros of buying a twin house

Beside the benefits of living in a twin house, you have to know that Khaled Sabry Development, the company establishing it depends on the best architectural consultants in Egypt to carry out the project.

Khaled Sabry Development is eager to offer all the luxuries and amenities, along with spaces that are tailored to the needs of the customers, with unit prices and payment terms that make you strive to search for a twin house for sale in New Cairo.

Furthermore, one of the best projects that Khaled Sabry implemented and could meet your criteria is Rosail City.

Design of residential units and twin houses

Rosail City has 82% of total area in green spaces and landscapes, compared to 18% for residential buildings.

In addition to the presence of twin houses in Rosail City, there are also residential apartments, villas and the buildings consist of a ground floor and 5 or 6 floors plus the residential units. Apartments have an area starting from 130 to 220 square meters, and twin house villas have an area starting from 212 square meters.

Why buy in Rosail City?

In a nutshell, the well planned Rosail project in Mustakbal City combines modern and contemporary design features with a distinct European flair. It`s goal is to give its people a happy and tranquil existence, which makes you eager to find a twin house for sale in New Cairo.

Moreover, it is thought to be among the most desirable locations in New Cairo; it is precisely at the center of Mustakbal City with a view of Madinaty. as it provides excellent movement and flexibility, enabling residents to move around conveniently.

New Cairo is your ideal destination for memorable experience

Do you want the finest deals on an exquisite home that offers an endless list of services?

Don’t wait to reserve your stay at Rosail City New Cairo and take advantage of an amazing experience in one of Egypt’s greatest cities.

Contact us at  the hotline 16972 or visit us at Unit 17G Concorde Plaza, South 90th Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt.



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