Transform your business landscape

Transform your business landscape

The dynamic landscape of Egypt’s New Administrative Capital presents exceptional investment opportunities, driven by visionary developments that are shaping the city’s future. Khaled Sabry Developments Company, a leading real estate developer with years of experience, is at the forefront of domestic investors providing the market with luxurious mixed-use destinations.

Khaled Sabry Developments Company has launched a prominent project in Downtown in the New Capital, Ronza Tower, which is regarded as one of the region’s most notable commercial destinations that have been established.

Real estate industry in new capital

The New Administrative Capital (NAC) in Egypt has emerged as a pivotal hub for the real estate industry, driven by the country’s Vision 2030 initiative to ease congestion in Cairo and foster sustainable urban development. This ambitious mega-project envisions a modern, smart city with advanced infrastructure and amenities, attracting local and international investors. The city features a diverse range of residential projects catering to various income brackets, including luxury apartments, villas, and affordable housing units. Investment in the new capital has been robust, with substantial contributions from local developers and foreign investors, particularly from the Gulf region, encouraged by government incentives. Despite challenges, the real estate market in the new capital city experiences high demand for both residential and commercial properties, thanks to its modern facilities and strategic location. Looking ahead, the new capital is poised to evolve into a central business, administrative, and residential hub in Egypt. Continued development and the completion of key projects are expected to sustain growth in the real estate market, solidifying the city’s position as a significant milestone in the country’s urban development journey.

Ronza Tower: New capital mixed-use destination 

Ronza Tower is the first flagship project of Khaled Sabry Development Company in the Administrative Capital of Egypt, it is considered a symbol of modernity and functionality. Located in Downtown, this development offers a mix of commercial units, administrative offices, medical spaces, and hotel apartments to cater to various investment needs. Located strategically in the downtown area, Ronza Tower is designed to provide an exceptional business experience. It combines cutting-edge architectural design with top-notch amenities to meet the requirements of modern businesses. Its excellent location near government offices, financial institutions, and commercial establishments ensures convenient access to essential services and customers.

By integrating residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, Ronza Tower creates a dynamic environment that fosters business growth and enhances employee well-being, making it a premier mixed-use destination in the new capital.

Discover the perfect balance at Ronza Tower

Experience the essence of commercial harmony at Ronza Tower, where the vibrant energy of business meets the productive comfort of a thriving workspace. This magnificent architectural masterpiece. located in the heart of Downtown, offers a luxurious commercial investment experience that perfectly blends excitement and tranquility. Ronza Tower represents a fusion of contemporary elegance and timeless sophistication, creating an atmosphere that caters to your desire for both vibrant city life and serene getaways.
With competitive pricing and flexible payment plans, Ronza Tower presents an exceptional opportunity for investors to secure their commercial space in the rapidly growing New Capital real estate market.

Learn more about our competitive pricing and flexible payment plans, Contact us now at 16972 to seize this exceptional investment opportunity at Ronza Tower.



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