Securing Investment: New Capital Egypt real estate prices

New Capital Egypt real estate

Before revealing new Capital Egypt real estate prices, we need to highlight that New Administrative Capital of Egypt is a major real estate project that offers a range of investment opportunities in residential, commercial, and administrative units. It is designed to be a modern and advanced city with innovative urban planning and sophisticated infrastructure, providing an integrated living environment for its residents.

In a unique position in the New Administrative Capital and a prime spot in Downtown; Khaled Sabry Developments, a leading real estate development company, has recently launched two iconic projects, Ronza Tower in downtown and Ryan Tower in the heart of the new capital’s central business district (CBD). These towers offer a range of commercial, administrative, medical, and hotel units with modern architectural designs that reflect luxury and sophistication

Ronza tower options and facilities overview

Ronza Tower, a flagship project by Khaled Sabry Holding in the New Administrative Capital, stands out for its strategic location in Downtown, New Capital, ensuring easy access to essential services and attractions, it offers a diverse range of units and amenities to cater to various needs and preferences. 

The development includes luxurious residential apartments, commercial units, administrative spaces, medical facilities, and hotel apartments, providing a comprehensive living and working environment for residents and investors alike.

The project offers a range of facilities that make it an appealing investment opportunity including fully furnished apartments, completed administrative units, elevators, parking facilities, a food court, shops, a pharmacy, and more. These conveniences enhance your lifestyle and make it the ideal choice for investment.

New Capital Egypt real estate prices are getting more affordable with developers offering competitive prices and payment plans to cater to different budgets.

Real estate for sale in Ryan Tower 

Located in the New Capital’s CBD, Ryan Tower offers a prime location designed to inspire investors and residents with its tranquil environment and provide a harmonious work-life balance. The tower boasts a variety of real estate types, including apartments, commercial units, residential units, administrative units, medical units, and hotel apartments. 

The New Capital Egypt real estate prices in Ryan Tower cater to diverse preferences and needs, with competitive prices and flexible payment plans available for units within the tower available for purchase, rent, or installment plans, catering to diverse preferences and needs.

Additionally, it offers a variety of facilities and real estate types of units, whether looking to buy or rent, Rayan Tower provides a range of options to suit different requirements, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a harmonious work-life balance in a picturesque setting.

Get your personalized New Capital Egypt real estate prices

The New Administrative Capital of Egypt is a promising investment destination with a bright future, offering a range of investment opportunities in various real estate sectors.
Khaled Sabry Developments stands out as a facilitator, offering two prominent towers as prime investment avenues. These developments not only promise stable costs but also boast extensive customization options, catering to the unique preferences of investors. Moreover, the potential for leasing opportunities adds a layer of profitability, ensuring a diversified portfolio. With Khaled Sabry Developments leading the way, investing in the New Capital becomes a gateway to enduring success in the growing Egyptian real estate market. 

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