Khaled Sabry Holding Group launches its 1st project in New Capital ‘Ronza Tower’

Engineer Khaled Sabry, Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors, said that the project is being implemented on an area of 2,617 square metres (with an area of 11 thousand square metres) in the Down Town area in the New Administrative Capital. It consists of a ground floor and 10 floors dedicated to administrative, commercial, and hotel activities, besides 3 garages to serve the project’s pioneers. the project comprises 220 units; With areas ranging from 19 square meters to 80 square metres.

He indicated that the implementation of “Ronza Tower” will start after obtaining the land license from the New Administrative Capital Company, and the project is scheduled to be completed during the last quarter of 2024, provided that the commercial units will be delivered semi-finished, the administrative units and the hotel ones will be delivered fully finished.

He emphasised that the company focuses on using technology in its real estate projects through the use of specialised companies in that sector, as the company aims to launch a real estate project that is different in terms of product and with construction mechanisms and modern systems, especially since the competition in the New Administrative Capital has many similar projects in the product.

The company contracted with the consultant Mohamed Hafez HAFEZ Consultants to start the engineering designs for the project, as the company undertook the engineering design for the project (Lavista City – Elpatio ORO – Elpatio 7 Compound – Sarai – water way2- Master Plan Zones)

The chairman added that there are a large number of investment opportunities available in Egypt in light of the launch of huge real estate projects Currently, whether in the New Administrative Capital or the new Alamein, so the company seeks to be present in the Egyptian market in a strong way during the coming period.



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