Khaled Sabry Holding Completes Selling Ronza Tower’s Phase I

Khaled Sabry Holding announces selling the first phase of its project, Ronza Tower, in the New Administrative Capital (NAC), Invest-Gate reports.
Chairperson Khaled Sabry states that the company has opened the reservation for the second phase due to high demand, expecting to sell it out by the end of August. Besides, he notes that phase III is expected to be launched in Q4 2021.
Ronza Tower covers an area of 11,000 sqm in the downtown area at NAC, and consists of a ground floor and 10 storeys dedicated to administrative, commercial, and hotel activities. The project also features three garages to serve the project’s users. Additionally, Ronza Tower comprises 220 units, with areas ranging from 19 to 80 sqm.
Sabry mentions that the company has received the project’s land plot at the beginning of August, moreover, the project is set to be completed during Q4 2024. It is worth noting that the commercial units will be delivered semi-finished, while administrative, medical, and hotel units will be fully finished.
Besides, the company offers various payment systems for its clients, with a 5% down payment and payment facilities of up to eight years, in addition to the highest return on investment hitting 54%, with an obligatory leasing contract.


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