Discover your ideal hotel apartment in New Capital

hotel apartment in New Capital

Securing a hotel apartment in new capital has been attracting significant attention from investors and developers alike.

The New Administrative Capital is Egypt’s ambitious project to build a new city from scratch. As the country’s political and administrative center, the New Capital is expected to become a hub of economic activity, attracting businesses and residents seeking a modern, well-planned city. This growth has been driven by the government’s efforts to create an attractive investment climate, offering incentives and streamlined processes for those looking to establish a presence in the new city. 

One developer that has recognized the potential of the New Capital is Khaled Sabry Developments Company for Real Estate Development and Investment. With a strong track record of successful projects in Egypt, Khaled Sabry developments has launched Ronza Tower, a mixed-use development in the heart of Downtown New Capital. Ronza Tower offers a range of units, including hotel apartments, administrative offices, and commercial spaces, catering to the diverse needs of investors and residents.

Top hotel apartments in New Capital

The New Capital boasts numerous hotel apartments that cater to a diversified range of customers. However, Ronza Tower in Downtown New Capital stands out as an exceptional choice for those seeking to secure a unique hotel apartment in New Capital. Located in one of the most prestigious areas, Ronza Tower enjoys an unbeatable location on a main street, at the intersection of three corners, adjacent to the Masjid Masr, and opposite a park larger than four acres. The project guarantees significant foot traffic for all commercial units and prime positioning for administrative and hotel units. With a direct view of a garden exceeding 20,000 square meters, Ronza Tower offers one of the most distinguished facilities in the city center, making it a top choice for luxurious and convenient investment in the New Capital.

Ronza Tower’s compelling services and facilities 

Ronza Tower presents an attractive option for individuals looking to having a hotel apartment in New Capital. Developed by Khaled Sabry Developments Company for Real Estate Development and Investment, this project features a range of units, including administrative, commercial, and hotel apartments, catering to diverse needs and tastes. Residents can enjoy the stunning panoramic views from the electric elevators as they arrive. The entire place operates with a central air conditioning system, and well-maintained green spaces providing a comfortable environment year-round. For added security, the properties are monitored by surveillance cameras both inside and outside the mall. Ronza Tower’s commitment to excellence is evident in its choice of best-in-class international designs that prioritize sophistication and functionality. Additionally, the project provides the best medical units in New Capital adding to the diverse range of facilities available within the project. With a wide range of payment plans, Ronza Tower offers a comprehensive and appealing choice for investors and residents alike. 

Choose the right hotel apartment in New Capital

Selecting the ideal hotel apartment in the New Capital is a decision that requires careful consideration, but rest assured, one does not need to navigate this choice alone. Khaled Sabry is in your corner to provide support with his compelling projects in the New Capital 

Step into a world where every detail is meticulously tailored to provide an unparalleled blend of luxury and convenience. Your hotel apartment in New Capital awaits at Ronza Tower.

Secure your place in the heart of the New Administrative Capital by reserving your hotel apartment at Ronza Tower today. Contact us at our hotline 16972 now to explore the available options.



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