Thrive your business: Commercial units in New Capital

Commercial units in new capital

Investing in Commercial units in new capital presents a lucrative opportunity for individuals and businesses looking to secure their future in Egypt’s thriving real estate market.

Khaled Sabry Developments is recognized as one of the largest and most remarkable developers in Egypt, excelling in various fields such as residential, commercial, and administrative projects. The company has been shaping Egypt’s future for 13 years through innovative construction and investment in real estate developments

Ronza Tower in the New Administrative Capital provides a complete investment opportunity in a strategic location, providing clients with services and amenities for a superior level of comfort and convenience.

Prime Business units in new capital

With stunning views and a strategic location near major attractions and vibrant areas in the capital, Ronza Tower is your perfect option for investing in Commercial units in New Capital.

Ronza Tower Mall in the New Administrative Capital is considered one of the primary projects of Khaled Sabry Development Company within the administrative capital. It offers a wide range of exclusive services and features that set it apart from any other project. 

Ronza Tower Mall in the New Administrative Capital covers an area of 2400 square meters and features a contemporary and creative exterior design that caters to the preferences of all clients and it consists of 10 repeated floors divided into different units for various purposes.

Khaled Sabry Developments, the developer of Ronza Tower in the New Administrative Capital, offers competitive prices and flexible payment plans for units within the tower, ensuring that every client can select the most suitable payment plan according to their budget.

Key features, Location and Facilities 

The 10 floors of Ronza Tower are divided to embrace the commercial, administrative, and hotel apartment units as follows:

  • The ground floor to the second floor is dedicated to commercial units.

  • The third floor to the ninth are allocated for administrative units.
  • The tenth and final floor is selected for luxury hotel apartments.

Ronza Tower Mall also boasts a wide range of facilities and services that contribute to making it the best destination for Commercial units in New Capital. These services also provide clients with unique and enjoyable experiences. 

Ronza Tower is equipped with fully finished administrative units, and surveillance cameras operating 24/7 to ensure the security of its units. Additionally, a highly trained security team is present to provide round-the-clock protection and safety. High-speed internet is also available, ensuring seamless connectivity for visitors. The tower features panoramic elevators that facilitate easy movement between its floors, as well as solar power reliance for operational efficiency. Moreover, Ronza’s design incorporates green spaces, and it is equipped with fire protection systems and rapid evacuation methods. Three fully underground levels are allocated for parking to accommodate a large number of vehicles. Furthermore, a designated area houses renowned international restaurants and cafes, while private swimming pools are provided for both adults and children, with an exclusive pool for women. The open area overlooks a magnificent view. Pharmacy, gym, and spa are also available.

Maximize Your Business Potential

Ready to enhance your business and take it to a higher level? Get in touch with Ronza Tower Mall today.

With a great location in downtown- New Capital take advantage of the opportunity to get one of the most dynamic Commercial units in New Capital.

Reach out to Ronza Tower’s customer service through the hotline 16972 to schedule a tour and discover why Ronza Tower Mall is the perfect choice for your business success



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