6 Reasons to Buy Property In New Cairo

Buy Property In New Cairo

Due to its quick expansion and popularity, New Cairo City has become a highly desirable destination for real estate investment; Because of its advanced amenities, well-planned communities, a variety of modern infrastructure and it`s location in the eastern part of Cairo, this area has a multitude of options for those wishing to buy property in new Cairo.

Therefore, when thinking about purchasing real estate in New Cairo City, it’s necessary to consider the following important criteria, which Khaled Sabry developments will provide.

Invest and Buy Property in New Cairo

New Cairo is located between the Katameya-Ain Sokhna and Cairo-Suez Desert Roads and East Cairo, while it is distinguished by its proximity to the Ring Road, which facilitates transportation between Cairo and Giza.

Its proximity to the Suez Road enables New Cairo residents to reach Cairo Airport, Heliopolis, and Nasr City in minutes. New Cairo is approximately 5 km from Nasr City, and about 15 km from the Maadi area.

If you are considering buying property in New Cairo City, it is crucial to take into account the following key factors:

1-It`s Location: New Cairo City’s advantageous location in the eastern part of Cairo provides easy access to major highways, transportation networks and essential facilities such as schools, hospitals and shopping centers. Evaluating the proximity of the property to key landmarks and considering its accessibility is vital.

2-Infrastructure: The modern infrastructure in New Cairo ensures efficient utilities, well-maintained roads and reliable services such as electricity, water supply, and telecommunications. Assessing the quality of the infrastructure is essential to ensure a comfortable living experience.

3-Planned Communities: New Cairo offers a harmonious blend of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. These planned communities often feature well-designed layouts, landscaped parks, sports facilities, and community centers. Understanding the development plans and amenities available within the community is crucial for a fulfilling lifestyle.

4-Amenities and Services: New Cairo boasts a wide range of amenities, including shopping malls, restaurants, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment options. Consider the availability and quality of these amenities to ensure convenience and a high standard of living.

5-Growth Potential: As a rapidly growing area, New Cairo City holds significant potential for appreciation in property value. Researching the future development plans, infrastructure projects, and economic prospects of the region can help gauge the growth potential and long-term investment value of the property.

6-Legal Considerations: When purchasing property in New Cairo, it’s crucial to adhere to the legal and regulatory requirements. Engaging the services of a reputable real estate lawyer or consultant can ensure a smooth and legally compliant transaction.

Therefore, by carefully examining these significant factors, you may make the best decision and take advantage of these tempting real estate options and buy property in New Cairo.   

Why to consider Rosail City

It offers all the desirable features that clients dream of inspired by European style.

One of Rosail City’s main advantages is its exceptional location within Cairo, making it close to vital sectors, recreational areas and shopping districts.

This proximity allows residents to easily access their essential needs and entertainment options within minutes.

Here are some of these areas:

1- Approximately 14 minutes away from the American University.

2- Cairo International Airport is around 20 minutes away from Rosail City.

3- 10 minutes away from the New Capital.

4- It takes approximately 15 minutes to reach the New Capital’s airport from the Rosails.

5- The iconic tower in the New Capital is approximately 7 minutes away.

6- Rosail City is located a few minutes away from El Shorouk City, Suez Road, and Cairo Festival City.

Where can I buy property in New Cairo?

Khaled Sabry Development is regarded as one of the most excellent places to invest alongside purchasing a new house.

Not to mention that, it`s the most well-known organization to create such amazing, luxurious places in Egypt.

So don`t think twice and contact us on hotline: 16972 to get the whole information about our new projects and how to buy property in New Cairo.



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